Xact Copi – a thorough backup and cataloging of your cards or drives

Made for the photographers and videographers.

Suitable for anyone.

Easily saves and organizes your digital data.

Designed for easy touchscreen operation on tablets.
Works in the field, on the set, in your hotel, studio, or home.



You are visiting a new city, taking a couple thousand photos.
Or perhaps you are working a corporate function/venue/wedding, or doing any other
project that involves video, photo, audio, metadata files. 
How do you backup and reasonably organize your data to quickly find later ?

Answer: Xact Copi.
On-location or in-house, XactCopi makes an exact copy of your cards/drives,
and catalogs them easily for fast retrieval later on.

Download the free Demo and email us with your questions, comments, suggestions - we'll be happy to help!

XactCopi Works on any Windows PC, laptop, or tablet from Win 7 to 10, either x32 or x64-bit. Snappy, easy, fun, accurate, reliable. Saves your card or drive's ENTIRE folder structure with all files - this is important as some "side-car" files might carry vital information while located in a separate folder from the main data files. Xact Copi saves it all (to one or two targets at a time). Xact Copi lets you catalog every backup so to find all your data easily anytime you need it.

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Trying to keep your photo, video, any other data safe? Same here. As before, we could not find a satisfactory solution that would be both easy and smart enough - so we wrote one! And now Xact Copi is available to you, too.

You need exact copy and cataloging - Xact Copi helps you securely backup and later easily find all your data.

From the makers of the very established and reliable software RAW 4 PRO, comes this brand-new standalone backup & cataloging utility.

"Hey, why use Xact Copi if I can simply copy-paste?"

Because, human error. And you will never know for sure where your particular backup went and when was it made (no log.) And you will never find your data easily as there's no description of each backup. And there is no verification of the successful backup. And it's hard to do on a tablet with small screen.

Xact Copi is your answer to all of that.

"Fine, but the product XYZ does some of this too, plus has 5,000 extra features, and I heard it's even free! Copy THAT, suckers!!"

Do you need those extra features? Do you have the time and patience for the XYZ's steep learning curve and fancy interface? Then, by all means, try product XYZ.

Or, do you need a workhorse that runs on any Windows device without any fancy requirements, and just works. A trusty, field-tested tool that will not let you down. A software that lets you reliably offload and catalog your media on-location or in-house, without being overwhelmed. An intuitive yet smart under-the-hood program that you feel secure using and knowing what is going on at all times. Then try Xact Copi. You might be pleasantly surprised. In fact, we bet you will be glad!

Just like you, we are doing photography and videography. Yes, we also tried product XYZ and ABC and whatnot. Nah. Didn't work out. (Seriously, do try the competing software and you'll clearly see why.) Had to write our own software, and it turned out well. We hope Xact Copi will save your day just like it saves ours. Repeatedly.

Oh, and you can get support for Xact Copi - both pre- and post-sale - by multiple channels here. Whether it's convenient for you to email us, tweet, or message us from Xact Copi FB page, expect a superhero effort and fast response time from us. Being a small company, we still care :)


Xact Copi can backup your source media (card, SSD, drive...) to one or two targets/drives for ultimate safety, and simultaneously catalog your data with searchable keywords - quickly and easily.

Unlike some other software, Xact Copi is stable, intuitive, and efficient. It works on workstations, laptops, tablets. Any full Windows version 7 to 10 is fine. If the OS can see your source/target, Xact Copi can work with them. Use Xact Copi on-location or in-house.

Here, we were always intimidated by other cataloging solutions, given their complex interface and their potential to crash and burn, taking all the carefully cataloged data down with them (truly horrific!)

On contrast, our Xact Copi is designed to be simple to use, yet smart under the hood. 

We use Xact Copi in our own office all the time. So we have a vested interest in this product to be the best yet super intuitive and useful.

Try the Free Xact Copi Demo and see for yourself how quickly your backup/cataloging workflow gets streamlined, how easily Xact Copi finds any data you previously saved with it, and how confidently you regain your peace of mind knowing that your data is truly safe and organized.