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What is Xact Copi for?

Xact Copi helps to backup and organize your recording media - cards, drives, etc. - quickly and reliably. It works on any Windows PC, from desktop to laptop to tablet.

Who is Xact Copi for?

Anyone who works with any data saved on cards or drives. Photographers. Videographers. Video drone pilots. Lay folks. Engineers.

Is Xact Copi hard to use?

XC is amazingly easy to use! (yet it actually performs a lot of smart operations behind the scenes to protect your data and your sanity.)

How to start: in XC, make sure you are in the Backup View. 

Connect your source drive (say, an SD card) and your target drive (perhaps an external USB enclosure) to your PC running Xact Copi, and refresh the drive list if needed to show newly connected drives. They will be listed in the Backup View.
Note: Xact Copi lets you choose whether to backup to one or two target drives. So you may want to connect the second target drive as well.

Just click on the drive you want to copy from, then on the drive(s) you want to copy to. When the Easy Cataloging window pops up, type in a description of this backup - it will help you to quickly find it later on. Or postpone describing it - your choice. When the top green bar flashes, you know your backup is done and verified. That's it!!

How do I describe my backup in the Easy Cataloging of Xact Copi?

Any way you like. One consideration would be of using the words relevant to your specific backup, so to be able to search and find this backup later on.

You can describe it in human terms, for example "St Patrick's Cathedral, 5th Ave NYC, exterior, day on May 1st 2017"

Or you can simply enter tags, perhaps like "st patrick's, cathedral, church, nyc, 5th ave, exterior, spring, 2017, architecture". This third-party web site (in beta as of this writing) generates amazingly correct image tags automatically (assuming your data contains JPG images), which you can then copy-paste into the Xact Copi's Easy Catalog description in just a second!

Of course, you could combine those two approaches and enter both human-readable description AND the tag set. Nothing wrong with that.

This image was nicely tagged and rated 100% Amazing by Everypixel. Nice!

If I am backing up to TWO target drives, should I then enter two descriptions in the Easy Cataloging view?

Nope. Since the backup copies will be identical, the same description will apply to both.

Can Xact Copi be used on a professional set?

Yes, Xact Copi works perfectly on a professional set, where one has to quickly backup and rotate the recorded media, save data to one or two targets simultaneously for safety or to share with a client or a team, and to easily mark (catalog) the backups by scene/shot/take. Any other notes can also be associated with each backup. It is super easy to find your backups later by searching the Xact Copi catalog. 

Xact Copi knows which card or drive has already been backed up, so in a fast-paced, high-stress environment you know this software will make your life easier. No more guessing whether this particular card has been backed up or not. Moreover, Xact Copi keeps a log of your backups even if you never entered any data manually. For example, it can detect most camera models, it records the date/time of the backup, the drive name, the status of each backup session, and more!

You can run Xact Copi on a laptop or a Windows tablet, making the setup very mobile and even completely battery-operated if needed.

I just want to save my photos during vacation.

Great! - Just grab a USB drive (ideally two), and backup your camera's SD, CF, or other memory card daily, using Xact Copi. Your memories will be safe, and you'll be able to actually find everything later on by simply searching the Xact Copi catalog view using human terms you have already entered while backing up your cards! No more tedious work, just type a couple of words describing what this particular backup is for, and you are done cataloging with Xact Copi!

If you can google, you can use Xact Copi.

I measured the data transfer and it actually went a bit (no pun intended) faster than what Xact Copi indicated?

We prefer to err on the conservative side.

What are the System Requirements?

Xact Copi works on any Windows PC, version 7 to 10, either x32 or x64-bit.

Any tablet, laptop, or desktop will be suitable.

If the PC can read your media (cards, drives) - external or internal - then you can use Xact Copi.

Please note that we provide free demo so you could evaluate how well Xact Copi works on your particular device. Please try before you buy!

How much does Xact Copi cost?

Please check the current pricing by clicking here.

One license allows you to install Xact Copi on up to TWO computers, for example, a desktop in your office, and separately a tablet to backup/catalog your media in the field.

Can I try a Demo?

Yes! We offer a free Xact Copi DEMO download. The demo version is limited to copying a small number of files before it stops. The Demo is meant to give you a confident evaluation of the installation, interface, backup and cataloging features before you decide to buy the license.

You can always remove the limitations by purchasing a very affordable license from within the Demo itself (web link is in the interface), or simply by visiting our web site. Here's a step-by-step for you.

What if there's a virus or some malware? I'm afraid to expose my system!

We do provide virus- and malware-free software. But as a general rule, it is always a good idea to check any program, just in case. VirusTotal.com site helps you do that for free, across many popular and even less popular antivirus and anti-malware tools. We love it!

Let's check your downloaded Xact Copi installation file against it. As you can see, all respectful antivirus software checks our file as OK. Some obscure ones may alert you in what is called a "false positive." This is likely because we use a free version of NSIS installer that some less sophisticated antivirus software may mistake for a possibly malicious program, which of course it is not.

So the installer is fine. But there's one more hurdle to clear. Xact Copi has a red F button which stands for Format. It is very useful especially on the tablets, where it makes formatting of your already-backed-up media so much easier. It is done gracefully: Xact Copi is just calling the standard Windows interface for the drive formatting, not trying to just format your media ourselves. You are in control. Nevertheless, some antiviruses (including Avast that we do like), is actually blocking the component that makes the call. The component in question is our executable file called WinDriveFormatLauncher.exe

Perhaps there is/was a similarly named bad file out there, or maybe it's just an Avast quirk, but this antivirus really dislikes the file and blocks it, despite checking it to be free of any viruses and alike. All the file does is call the standard Windows Format interface on the screen, then give all the control back to you, the user.

Solution: exempt this file from being blocked in Avast or in your particular antivirus. Just check "whitelist" or "exemptions list" settings in your AV. You will want to exempt the following folder:

C:\Xact Copi\XactCopi\XC\*

Or, to specifically exempt that particular file, replace the asterisk with the file name WinDriveFormatLauncher.exe

What if I have a question and cannot fall asleep because of it?

We are always happy to help, please Contact Us by email here!

Are there any video tutorials for Xact Copi?

Yes! We are working on more; in the meantime, please check Xact Copi video channel.

Where does the data go?

Xact Copi backs up your data from your Source drive to your Target drive(s). Xact Copy creates (or updates with the new backups) a folder XactCopi_Backup in the root of your target drive 1 (and/or target drive 2, if you chose the second target as well.)
Simple! You always know where your data went.

How do I find my previously backed up data?

Since you have cataloged your backup in the Easy Cataloging view of Xact Copi (very easy and highly recommended operation - just use human words to describe that particular backup), you can then simply open Xact Copi in the Catalog View later on and use its Search function. Works same as googling. We have programmed our own intelligent and super-fast search engine that makes your job easy and fun.
You can even exclude words from your search by preceding them with "-". Mixed case will work fine - it dOeS NOT maTTer for our search function. The search words can be separated by either the spaces, commas, or "&" or "/" separators. The order of your search words does not matter (Time Lapse = Lapse Time). Xact Copi will also find partial matches in case you don't recall the exact word or need to find all the variations. For example: you enter "time", and XactCopi will find all backups cataloged with the word "times", "timely", "timelapse", etc.
It will all work - lightning-fast! - for your convenience. This original, intelligent, near-instant search engine is only available with XactCopi.

In Backup View, Xact Copi sometimes spends a bit longer to list all the drives - why?

Do you have any slow, large, network drives connected? Those may take a bit longer to measure their size.

Please note, you can always tell what Xact Copi is doing at the moment by looking at the notification area.

Is Xact Copi a drive cloning tool?

It is not. Rather, it copies and easily catalogs your data, with the entire folder and file structure intact.

It does not work on the level of sectors or partitions; also, XactCopi is designed to disregard extraneous OS folders such as Recycle Bin, System Volume Information, and anything starting with the "$" sign. Those won't be copied by design, as we don't think they are part of your actual data.

How do I follow Xact Copi news, announcements, and special offers?

Subscribe to our email newsletter, follow Xact Copi on Twitter, or subscribe to our YouTube channel!

What's the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?

42. Forty-two terabytes, that is.

Please make sure to back it up with Xact Copi, and catalog it to easily make sense of your data.

Xact Copi version log


2017-04-14: Xact Copi v2.9.3
- Easy Cataloging: added a quick tip function that explains its work and what to do if thumbnails are not showing as images
- Easy Cataloging: Project Names are now sorted alphabetically for ease of finding them
- Backup View:  improvement - the "percentage remaining" indicator now disappears after the particular Target has been backed up to indicate the completion. Makes it even easier to tell at a glance where does the backup session stand at the moment.
- XC bug fix: incorrect color scheme of the Register button in Demo mode has been fixed
- XC aesthetics: the XC Logo improved in both Catalog and Backup Views: the graphics now comes first before the text

2017-03-31: Xact Copi v 2.9.2
- Easy Cataloging: the interface now works faster
- Easy Cataloging: now automatically gets a cursor in the empty field when the Easy Cataloging window appears. Save a click - just start typing!
- some code cleanups across the board
- the "wait cursor" logic and implementation improvements across the board
- the Backup View: an improved indication of whether the current backup session has ended successfully, or failed: now the result is shown as a red bar at the top in case of the failure, in addition to the green bar in case of success just as it was before.
- the Backup View: special OS folders that have nothing to do with backing up the data itself (such as Recycle Bin, System Volume Information, and any directory starting with the "$" sign), are now disregarded automatically.
- the Backup View: inaccessible drives are no longer listed, so to save the user's time. An example of this situation would be empty slots in a multi-card reader - they are still seen by the OS as the drive letters but are actually useless for the backup purposes. This improvement speeds up refreshing of the drives List presented to the user.
- the Backup View: Progress Bars are no longer shown in green color, as they could be misinterpreted as some successfully finished backup indication, while in fact there's a separate bar for that. Color scheme changed accordingly.
- the Backup View: Mapped Network Drives (normally very slow in measuring their data size) now indexed as fast as the others, no matter the size
- the Backup View: a better indication to the user which one of the connected drives is being analyzed at the moment
- the Catalog View: a better indication to the user of the search status, including when no results are found
- the Catalog View: a better, more stylish (now with arrows) highlighting of the search matches found inside the text
- Format Drive utility: now cleaned up (closed) on exit, if user confirms the formatting has in fact ended
- bug fix: sometimes single files in the root of the Source drive were not included when measuring the total drive size for technical purposes. Fixed.
- bug fix: while using the Target 2, sometimes its Progress Bar and Percentage indicator would not update but always showed 100% still left. Fixed.
- bug fix: sometimes when no results were found in the Catalog View, the "wait cursor" stayed on. Fixed.
- bug fix: after Refreshing the drive list, previous search word matches were still highlighted in the Catalog View. Fixed.
- bug fix: sometimes, the Easy Cataloging window would appear rendering itself on screen slowly. Fixed.

2017-03-15: Xact Copi v 2.9.1
- improved interface
- improved detection of the already backed up media

2017-03-06: Xact Copi v 2.9 public release

2015-2017: Xact Copi v. 0.1 - v. 2.8 for internal use in our company. Not available to the public.