Adobe After Effects Remote Controller

After many years of using Adobe After Effects and searching for the perfect remote controller, we finally:

- found the perfect host
- wrote our own set of command buttons for the remote controller (works on your Android or iPhone/Pod/Pad that sits on the same network as your PC. Awesome!)

We now offer this set (Control Grid v1) to you. Import it into your Roccat host, fire up After Effects, and enjoy! Super easy and responsive.

Where do you get the host and apps?
Roccat Host, as well as Android and iOS apps are completely FREE of charge, download them here.

Our  After Effects Controller Grid (which we are using here on daily basis) includes some popular commands. You can freely edit/change/improve it using the free Roccat host software. Or just use it as-is, we love it!

You will get an email with our After Effects Controller Grid download link as soon as you finish the checkout. 

Created by the same people who brought you the workhorse RAW 4 PRO, and the upcoming CAT 4 PRO.

 Click here to download our remote controller for the Adobe After Effects