The only easy  way to offload, preview, edit, and share your RAW video


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RAW 4 PRO allows you to work with RAW DNG or JPG stacks as easily as with the HD video. Present them as H264, ProRes, DNxHD, or Cineform - your choice. Timecode and audio are perfectly synchronized between the original and the RAW 4 PRO output.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Pocket Camera, 4K Production, Ursa 4.6K RAW, mini, Digital Bolex, KineRAW, and any other camera or recorder that saves RAW DNG files are all compatible with RAW 4 PRO.

Also great for easily converting time-lapse JPG sequences to HD video. Finally, see what your timelapse actually looks like!


Works great on 32-bit or 64-bit systems. Windows 7 to 10. (On Mac, too, under virtualization like VMWare Fusion Windows environment.)


One-click offload and output. Works with your RAW DNG video or JPG frame stacks (time-lapse folders). Error-free every time!

In-detail specifications, system requirements


H.264, ProRes, DNxHD, CineformRAW encoders are all actually included with RAW 4 PRO at no additional charge


Actual users tell us they love RAW 4 PRO. Okay, maybe they really, really like it!

Our friends at the legendary Toolfarm store offer RAW 4 PRO Easy Edition at a discount, feature R4P EE as a NAB 2017 highlight

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro: the newest raw camera supported by RAW 4 PRO


RAW 4 PRO converts frame stacks to standard HD video - makes playback, editing, sharing, cataloging easy again

Timecode and audio are perfectly synced.

No more fear and loathing: handling of your RAW DNG footage (from any camera) or JPG image stacks (timelapse) is effortless with RAW 4 PRO

5-star real customer feedback since RAW 4 PRO v3

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Joe Rubinstein, CEO Digital Bolex

RAW 4 PRO is a great way in Windows to get your RAW footage ready for editing and cataloging!

Jocelyn Deguise

I love RAW 4 PRO: makes my workflow as smooth as butter. Thanks for your time, and the fine software. I can’t live without RAW 4 PRO!

Adelmo Togliani

RAW 4 PRO rules – great software!

David Esp

To minimize the distraction/scariness/risk of encoding technicalities, to just get the job done, I am very happy that I’m using RAW 4 PRO

Demetrio Alexiades

Thanks a lot for your help! Moving and converting DNG files is complicated, but RAW 4 PRO is the best solution I’ve ever seen for this kind of work.

Matt Moses, Red Sea Visual Productions

Not many of you are using a RAW workflow because it is ridiculously cumbersome – Unless you use RAW 4 PRO! Fantastic – thanks!

Chris Barcellos

RAW 4 PRO is a great batch processor. It also merges sound into video automatically. Just set it and walk away, as the computer does the work.

Cesar Sampedro

RAW 4 PRO is making my life easier; this should be an official product by Black Magic! :)

Henry Olonga, international cricket star and digital video pro

RAW 4 PRO works great!

Michael Bergstrom, Producer – Electric Igloo

Thank you! I’m very happy with RAW 4 PRO, and you are doing a great service to PC users everywhere!

Robert A. Cuadra

Great product that's fast, intuitive, and takes out all the guesswork when dealing with RAW workflow. RAW 4 PRO: a serious "must have".

William Kersten, famous composer and performer

I am using RAW 4 PRO for Digital Bolex D16 and D16m cameras. RAW-to-DNxHD encoding allowed me to render files really well in Vegas Pro (something I was not sure would be possible). I couldn't find anything for Windows, just Mac (even at Digital Bolex site - it seems like RAW 4 PRO software ought to be there). RAW 4 PRO is working great!

Carlo Macchiavello

Best utility for raw shooters!

Robert Granbeck

RAW 4 PRO converts my RAW footage flawlessly, with manageable video files. It really makes my day!