RAW HD, 2K, 4K to video converter – for real-time playback and edit, with audio merged automatically

  • RAW 4 PRO quickly converts your RAW sequences to video for real-time playback and edit
  • Audio merged automatically, while the original file also preserved
  • Save on disk space! Makes raw videos at a fraction of the original size with CineformRAW – or, choose DNxHD 4:2:2 included for free.
  • Very small size video preview files with MPEG2 option, great for cataloging your current project or all the archived RAW footage
  • Proper white balance: already provided with DNxHD, or use our LUT with CineformRAW directly in RAW 4 PRO
  • Time code properly transferred from the original RAW clip to all formats of the video, making it easy to online back to DNG sequences for rendering.
  • Frame rate detected and set automatically to match the original (or override it with your manual settings if you wish)
  • Offloads and organizes your footage – individual clips, or your entire SD card / SSD drive in batch mode!
  • Works on older/slower computers, too – no stringent hardware requirements
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface. Makes video files for use on both Win and Mac
  • DNxHD codec (like ProRes) included free!
  • Tested and works great with RAW camera footage from: Blackmagic BMCC 2.5K, BMPCC Pocket, Digital Bolex DB16, Ikonoskop, 5D converted to DNGs, Sony FS700 RAW + Odyssey 7Q recorder.
  • Runs on Windows natively, or on Apple Mac under VMware Fusion Virtual Machine
  • Created by filmmaker, for filmmakers! Won Kickstarter funding. Now you too can use RAW 4 PRO.

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System Requirements:

raw4pro-system-req-180x180RAW 4 PRO (formerly RAW 2 CF RAW) requires:
Windows OS with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or higher.
RAW 4 PRO works natively on Windows 8, Windows 7. Both  x64 and 32-bit versions supported. (Mac users: RAW 4 PRO also works under VMware Fusion – Windows Virtual Machine on Apple Mac. Mac users also reported success running RAW 4 PRO using Parallels with Win 8.1 x 64.) Screen resolution recommended: 1280×720 and up (but will also work on 1024×768.)
- Cineform video output: requires Cineform/GoPro Studio Pro, which comes with dpx2cf utility. (Older versions are just fine, too – we use Cineform Neo v5 here!)
- DNxHD video output (same as ProRes): encoder comes free with RAW 4 PRO – no separate installation needed. Decoder is free as well, download link included with RAW 4 PRO in case you don’t have it installed yet.



Practical use of RAW 4 PRO – how this video was done: Shot on BMPCC, clips Batch-offloaded and converted to small MPEG2 proxies by RAW 4 PRO. Proxies edited with Premiere Pro in real-time. Finished and rendered from After Effects. You can use any editor, of course.

RAW4PRO_BetterInRaw_v1RAW 4 PRO works with BMPCC (Blackmagic Pocket Camera) cDNG raw clips

Perhaps you are already using TimeSlater.com  - our other useful app - the time-sync production slate that works on any smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Now let us introduce you to the raw video converter, RAW 4 PRO.

RAW 4 PRO quickly converts your raw sequence into real-time playable and editable video, with audio automatically merged. Video choices: DNxHD (similar to ProRes),  or CineformRAW. Both video codecs work on either Mac or Windows.

RAW 4 PRO program lets you offload and convert your raw frame sequences into video, for fast playback and edit… with audio!

- Blackmagic Cinema Camera’s raw folders (2.5K Cinema DNG) and BMPCC (Blackmagic Pocket Camera) Compressed DNG folders. RAW 4 PRO enables Cineform to process BMPCC’s compressed DNG footage!

- Sony FS700 RAW footage recorded by ConvergentDesign Odyssey 7Q (both regular and high frame rate for slo-mo)

- Canon 5D raw video converted to DNG

- Digital Bolex

- Ikonoskop

- Timelapses in DNG frames

- and more!

Say, you shot raw DNG footage with your camera – Blackmagic Cinema 2.5K or Pocket cam, Digital Bolex, Ikonoskop, etc. Or perhaps you made a beautiful timelapse in raw format. How do you even preview the sequences, let alone edit them in real time?

RAW 4 PRO to the rescue! It quickly converts your raw sequence into real-time playable and editable video, with audio automatically merged – at a fraction of the original file size!

Saves you time, aggravation, and disk space on your editing system.

RAW 4 PRO also allows you to dial in your options, such as automatic merge with audio file, framerate custom or match source clip, etc.

RAW 4 PRO organizes your original data into two folders: _raw and _works. RAW contains your precious DNG footage. WORKS folder contains your video previews that can be used  for quick edit in your favorite NLE. You can then “online’ them back to DNGs either in Resolve or in AfterEffects, to color correct and export final render of the ultimate quality.



- remembers your settings between the sessions
- intuitive interface and workflow makes it easy to use
- either drag-and-drop, or folder-browse to select files and folders for fast, familiar input
- Help section is built-in with useful tips and links
- no more command-line pain and errors; no more multi-step, multi-program file transcoding just to get a proxy
- fast and light program, does not overload your system’s processor or memory. (Of course RAW 4 PRO does saturate processor while processing videos, on purpose, for the fastest operation possible.)
- sophisticated GUI catches and corrects possible errors, and auto-fills information as needed
- NO changes to your existing video codecs installation or configuration. This ensures your carefully set up production system is never disturbed by this utility, unlike others
- fastest possible operation on your system

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Download: get RAW 4 PRO version v2 Batch Edition now